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THE ART OF PANDEMICS                                                                                                                                          

The horrors of the coronovirus epidemic have, just as in previous centuries, been a source of inspiration to countless artists. In contrast to the altarpieces and the secular paintings of the plague and previous epidemics, our pandemic has led to an outpouring of remarkable street art. This lecture looks at the fascinating similarities and differences in pandemic artistic output over the centuries. It also looks at how such art can provide great comfort and consolation.

JAMES GRANT is a retired country doctor with a lifetime of working in the NHS both in hospital and in rural practice and passionate about all aspects of medicine, its history and its relationship to art and artists. He feels very strongly that lecturing should be stimulating, informative and entertaining. He feels very privileged to be able to share his interests with others lecturing to a variety of different groups and now as a lecturer for The Arts Society.